So many children use school buses to and from school.  Have a talk with them to make sure they remember these rules for safety...


  • Stay away from the street when waiting for the bus.  Talk about what 6 feet is...perhaps how tall their Dad (or any adult) and discuss how they should stand that far from the curb.  
  • Do not run up to the bus just because it stopped. Remind your child they need to wait until the bus driver opens the door and says to come in.  Only then is it safe for everyone to get on the bus.
  • When your child gets on the bus strap in with the seatbelt.  Some buses have them and sadly, some don't.  Tell them to make sure they have theirs on no matter what anyone says and keep it on until the bus driver stops and tells them it's ok.
  • When you are getting on and off the bus watch out.  Those backpacks are getting larger and larger so when they are moving through the bus to sit down or get up be careful they are not hitting anyone with their backpack and in turn, be careful so no one hits them with theirs.  
  • When the bus is moving sit still.  As when we drive our precious cargo to and from places, we do not want to be distracted with noise and movement.  With that many children on board, remind your child to not move around a lot, stay in their seat, and not to make loud noises to distract the driver.
  • When the bus stops. When leaving the bus, the children should gather their backpacks and belongings, and in a line get off of the bus.  To be safe they need to step down slowly and always always always walk in front of the bus..never behind it.  Make sure your child knows the bus driver sees them before crossing in front of the bus or across a street.

Enjoy a wonderful school year!!