We are selling!

Ok you want to sell your home, so you start spreading the news to your friends. Next, you start hearing from Realtors (hopefully us!) telling you they want the chance to do a "listing presentation" at your home.

What is a listing presentation?

 A listing presentation is basically an interview for a Realtor to come to your home loaded with lots of information about your property.  OK, great, sounds good...they want to get my business..now what?

What do I have to do?

You are already mentally packing & thinking about all you have to do, so know this is one part of the process you don't have to do too much when the Realtor comes to your home.

However, you should have your house free of clutter and clean so the Realtor can get a good image of your home. Also, be able to tell them about any upgrades you have done to the home, and any other changes that could affect the valuation of your home. Let them know about liens to the property or any other mortgages. Free of clutter can mean picking up toys to really taking down personal photos and tidying up all areas of your home. Cleaning can mean just what it implies all the way to painting and fixing up damaged items around the home. Obviously the better it looks, the faster it should sell for the most money. First impressions are KEY.

What Should I be Looking For The Realtor To Say To Me?

The Realtor you choose should know the market in your area. They should know the comps (comparables) of homes sold, currently active on the market, pending listings (those waiting to close), and expired listings as well (homes that were on the market but for one reason or another did not sell). They should provide this information because it shows they know the market and what is selling around you and for how much. They can tell you how many days the homes are (or were) on the market. This is just one of the factors that goes into determining the sale price your home should be priced at. 

Make sure you have a good rapport with whomever you choose to represent is probably your largest investment. They should be able to answer your questions and concerns at any time and you should never feel like you are a "number" or a bother.

I feel like my home is worth....

Yes, we as professionals can show you what your home is worth based on facts. We also are well aware you have an emotional connection to your home. We love that. You may feel like your home is worth more than the Realtor says it is. You own the home, so you can ask your Realtor to price your home at any price you want. We have heard sellers say "Well, I picked xyz because they said they would price my house at $300,000 when another agent said they would price it at $260,000.".  At that point you need to worry about one thing...CAN they sell your home at $300k when it is really worth $260k? Check out the facts that a solid and reputable Realtor should give.

Spring is coming up fast so read this if you plan on getting ready to sell this spring in order to have your home looking its best!