I fully admit it....I do not like to cook...at...all.  So once Halloween is over, and everyone is ready for turkey day, I begin thinking where can we go that won't require me to be in a kitchen all day..

Full disclosure-I am also not a big fan of the "traditional" food served at Thanksgiving. (I feel the jaws dropping as you read that...)

SO, what can people like myself do if they don't want to cook? 

Back in the day NO place was open for Thanksgiving Day-you best be ready to cook at home or go to someone's home who was. Now there are a multitude of restaurants open on Thanksgiving. *Check your favorite because they will likely have shorter/different hours. 

Ok, so going out is a bit too "un-holidayish" ....what else can I do?

Why not order your entire dinner? You order it, pick it up, bring it home...VOILA! Dinner is served and you haven't spent a day in the kitchen!

Some good places to check for a tasty turkey meal are...

1. Matthews (this place ROCKS!) check out their menu here!

2. Whole Foods-who doesn't like Whole Foods? Check out their turkey menu!

3. Publix also offers a great meal to go! 

4. Cracker Barrel! Another gem where everyone likes the taste of home...

5. If you live in Jacksonville and haven't drooled when someone mentions Cinotti's     Bakery, you haven't lived. Check out their Thanksgiving menu!!!


Do you feel too guilty ordering the ENTIRE meal from a restaurant? I don't know why (haha) but if you do....here are some other options...

If you are in between wanting to order a whole meal or just order the food and do some of the prep work, Williams-Sonoma is an excellent choice....

Everyone's go to for meat would definitely be Honeybaked Ham! If you are in charge of the main dish and want it ready to roll, click here!

At Copelands you can pre-order a CAJUN turkey and pick it up when you want to!


I know tradition...is just that....but it's now ok to get some help if you don't like to cook or don't have the time to prepare a full meal for your family.  

This is the season to be thankful, so if you want to help others who may not be able to give their family a dinner for Thanksgiving, please click here to donate to the Salvation Army.

From our home to yours...Happy Thanksgiving!!!