Tequilas--amazing doesn't describe it..

Tequilas may seem like any other Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville, but when I tell you Wes and I have tried a LOT of other Mexican places ...well, it's no joke.  

I always say "I could eat Mexican food every day." That is true and we can prove that by telling you not only do they all know us in Tequilas but they also know we don't ever need menus again.  We have also tried pretty much every other Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville and no disrespect to any of them but Tequilas is ALWAYS satisfying.

Some people who love Mexican food look for the best salsa, best queso, etc. Those are givens to us as well, and food is truly in the "mouth" of the beholder, but what we really love about Tequilas is more than the food; it's also the service.

Bar none, and not even counting just Mexican restaurants but ALL restaurants, the employees always have a smile on their face and excellent service.  You get sat down and right away get chips and salsa.  All of the staff are wonderful, and they are knowledgeable and friendly.

We have ordered many (that sounds awful but I am including our kids too!) of the items on the menu and never have been disappointed. From the burritos to the chimichangas to shrimp chiveche, all of their food is a big hit.

We always laugh (and appreciate!) that more often than not we can be in and out in less than 30 minutes.  They are just that quick with service and in the kitchen.  Honestly it's why we keep going back over and over..because it is consistently delicious and fast.

Tequilas is located in the Point Meadows Plaza on the end. Winn Dixie and Steinmart are also in this plaza. 

If you love Mexican food, you have GOT to try Tequilas. Here are their weekly specials.