Is it Worth it to Your Wallet to Order Your Groceries Online?

Ok I DESPISE opening the refrigerator and it's empty and I also dread when the kids say "Do we have______?"  (when they never asked for that item in the first place!). I am not a fan of the grocery store.  I am not a fan of anything about food unless I hear "We are going to ________ to eat."  So when I heard about being able to order groceries from my home, and not only does someone ELSE shop for what I need but also brings them to my DOOR???  HEAVEN! Who wouldn't love this????


What's This All About? 

So there are lots of companies that delivery groceries like Walmart, in some areas Amazon, and there are also ones in regional areas.  In Jacksonville, two of the bigger companies who are out there advertising online grocery shopping are Instacart and Shipt.

We tried Instacart. Wes chose this one because they offered not only a free trial but we can use the one app and order from SIX stores! The grocery store is Publix, but we can also order from CVS, Whole Foods Market, Petco, Costco (I don't know a soul who loves going to Costco!!), and.....(drum roll) ABC Fine Wine and Spirits. Shipt offers ABC Fine Wines, Costco, and Publix.

 Wes took his phone and started ordering away!  He loved the whole process and I will say it looked pretty simple. Once we made a cart of groceries, we were told our shopper was busy shopping for us, and one feature I really like? If something was out of stock, the shopper will text or call you to let you know of a similar item available or maybe a different size or brand is available.  You are given a window of time your groceries will be delivered and within one hour? Our groceries were at our door and all I had to do was put them AWAY!!  Yay us!!

So it's all great right? Soon stores will be empty and those of us who detest going to the grocery will lead a happy fulfilling life...but wait.  SOMEone has to make money off of this.  It's too good to be true.  Do they jack up the prices on the items, charge hidden fees, delivery fees...? 

What's the Catch??

Depending on the company you choose there is an annual fee which is around $100/year. Also, some companies will charge a delivery fee. Instacart for Publix says if you spend $35 your delivery is free, BUT, if you are ordering during a "busy time" or you have ordered a lot of items, there may be a delivery fee stacked on. Also they require you spending at least $10. Shipt does not change their delivery fees no matter the time. Shipt also has a $35 minimum for free delivery, and charges about $7 for ordering less. Shipt claims you will pay about $5 more than you would if you went to the store yourself. The fees for the different participating stores can vary from region to company to store so be sure you check it out.

Now, for some of the the heavier items (especially with stores like Costco) you will pay a little more due to the weight of the items you select.

Some of the possible cons would be that you won't be picking up those "extra" items that you would by shopping in the store; you know those items you say "Oh I forgot I need that." stuff.  Some people also won't like that for food like fruit, meat, vegetables, etc., you don't get to pick it out and relying on someone you don't know (or may not care like you do) to carefully inspect what you prefer. Others have said the more online shopping options there are will lead to more people staying in and not going out to be social.  I don't know about you, but I don't consider the grocery store a social experience.  Plus, I would rather spend that "grocery time" with my family at home!

 All in all if you have small children, if you are not feeling well, or maybe you are rushed and just too busy to get to the store, this is something you really need to look into. We order food from restaurants that deliver, why not get your groceries delivered too?


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