What does the word "charity" mean to you?  

The true definition of charity is an organization set up to provide help and raise money to those in need. It also means, the voluntary giving of help..something in this day and age we ALL need to do a little more of.

Can you name some of our local charities here in Jacksonville? Whether you have a soft spot for animals, children, the elderly, or anything else, there is probably a charity here for you!

1.What charities are there here in my city?

  A. Children-If helping children is your passion, check out these charities.

Dreams Come True

Boys and Girls Club of NE Florida

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of NE Florida

Boselli Foundation

Voices for Children of the First Coast

Ronald McDonald House Of Jacksonville

 B. Elderly-for those of you who prefer to put your time &/or money into our aging generation 

Aging True 

Builders Care Mission

Seniors on a Mission

C. Animals-awww, who doesn't love to help animals?

Humane Society

Animal Care and Protective Services

No-Kill Jacksonville

ASPCA-American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals


There are SO many charities it would be an exhaustive list--and that is a good thing!  


*How can I help?

The two obvious ways to help are to click on the websites and either donate your money or some time. Involve friends, put it out there on your social media. Start a trend! 

We have all become so deprogrammed from being social IN person. Be THAT person to help turn it around and get others involved in your good deed. Grab your kids, your relatives, your co-workers, and help.



We all can make a difference!