Who knew Jacksonville Florida was a movie mecca?? Ok, well it's not exactly Hollywood, but did you know there have been a number of movies (& a few television series!) that have been filmed here?

Here are the movies that were shot here and the number after the description is not the amount the movie brought in at the box office, but the local economic impact in millions these all had to our wonderful city.

Recount  this 2008 movie is about the 2000 presidential election between Bush and Gore starring Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary  $3.3M

The Year of Getting to Know Us  the 2008 comedy drama film starringTom Arnold, Sharon Stone, Jimmy Fallon, and Lucy Liu $1.4M

Lonely Hearts    this 2006 film was based on the Lonely Hearts Killers of the 1940s. It stars John Travolta, Selma Hayek, James Gandolfini, & Jared Leto.  $1.8M

Sunshine State  this movie was made here in 2002 and was a comedy with Angela Basset and Edie Falco about a Florida island taken over by country club developers. $3.5M 

Basic  made in 2003 this movie is about a special ops mission in Panama with John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson. $7.1M

Manchurian Candidate this 2004 film with Denzel Washington and Liev Schreiber is a story about the Gulf War and is a political thriller. $1.2M

GI Jane the Demi Moore movie about a navy woman and  the integration of women into the services. $8.3M

Tigerland  back in 2000, this movie came out about the year 1971 and the Vietnam War starring Colin Farrell. $3.2M

Pointman this TV series this came out in 1994 and was about an investment banker who was being framed for fraud. $3.4M

Safe Harbor in 1999 this series came out about a sheriff trying to raise his three sons after his wife dies. $4.1M


Jacksonville is such a large and wonderful city we are almost surprised with our gorgeous beaches and cityscape more movies haven't been filmed here; so we look forward to more!