Who doesn't want to know how to optimize that expensive thing  we keep by our sides 24/7?  

Tricks for your iPhone:

  • Do you ever text or email and need to move the cursor? All you have to do is press down on the keyboard and when you see the keys disappear, you can slide your finger around in the space. 
  • Have photos you do not want others to see? In the photos app choose all of the photos you want to hide and hit the "share" icon. Then choose "hide". To see them again, simply go to your albums in the photo app.
  • Most of you may know but it bears reminding...while driving, use your "do not disturb while driving" button. Go to settings, control center, then customize controls.
  • Want to share something on your phone? Go to settings, control center, customize controls. Tap the screen record icon and it will turn red. Use as you wish then to stop it you can go to the icon in the control center and press the blue banner.
  • If you can't look at your phone a lot but need to know who's calling, simply make different ringtones for your contacts. Go to your contacts and find the person, choose edit and go to ringtone. Press the Default and enjoy customizing!
  • If you have to have one hand free and be able to type at the same time, open a text and find the emoji button, and from there choose the left or right handed keyboard option.
  • On the calculator an easy way to fix a mistyped number is to swipe either left or right at top where the number(s) is and it will erase your last number.
  • Who has a scanner? You do, on your phone! Go to your Notes, click the plus sign, choose 'scan documents'. Simply position the document and boom!



Enjoy! Use that phone to call us about a home for you! 904-477-7556