IKEA is finally open!

Yes, IKEA is open and already has an incredible presence here in Jax. In case you don't know much about IKEA read on!

What is IKEA?

IKEA is a furniture retailer based in the Netherlands. The store is best known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories, but has since expanded its base to just about anything you need in the home, outside the home, and more. It is the world's largest furniture retailer. 

What does IKEA stand for?  

 IKEA stands for its founder's initials Ingvar Kamprad along with the farm he grew up in, Elmtayard and the city the farm was in, Agunnaryd.  

IKEA is of course world-wide and before the one here in Jax is finished, fans of IKEA had to travel to Orlando. There are also locations in Tampa, Miami, and Sunrise.  Jacksonville is slated to open this fall. 

 Interesting Facts About IKEA...

You can eat in IKEA. Yep, when you are tired of walking around shopping, grab a seat and have a bite. Winning I say!

Why is it "ready-to-assemble"? The story isn't a shocking one. An IKEA worker bought a table and couldn't fit it into his car...so the idea of "flat pack" was born.  

 There are almost 400 stores in 48 countries. 

HEY PARENTS!! Most stores offer day care so you easily drop your kids off and shop in peace! They have playgrounds and you will be given a beeper (of sorts) in case you are needed etc. 

The names of the furniture pieces DO have actual meaning.  I mean cmon..what is a "vejmon" or "nyboda"???  Well, it turns out the founder Kamprad is dyslexic so reading numerous bar codes was a problem.  Therefore, he developed a system whereby each item has a different name origin. For example, carpets are named after places in Denmark, while sofas, coffee tables, and other items are named after places in Sweden.

There is a great IKEA Family Program you may want to check out. This is a loyalty program that offers discounts to its members. When you go to the store you will receive a free coffee or hot tea anytime. Also, it's FREE to join!

Good to Know:

IKEA in Jacksonville will be located off of 295 and Gate Parkway..you can't miss the ginormous royal blue building trust me. 

Anyone worried about traffic?? This is a concern since we are already congested in that area of Jacksonville. When other stores have opened IKEA has been known to take in TEN THOUSAND PLUS customers in its first few weeks. When other stores in the US have opened there have been exit closings, police help, and a lot of patience was needed. Come fall here in Jax, the key will be patience and respect to fellow drivers in that area so we stay safe. They do not have enough parking spaces in their actual lot and may shuttle shoppers from another lot not too far away.

Want a print or digital catalog to start shopping? IKEA CATALOG

 If you live in the area IKEA is being built, and you don't want to deal with what it will bring traffic wise, or you love IKEA and want to live on the Southside, give us a call. That area of our city has a HOT market going now for buyers and sellers!

If YOU have shopped at our new IKEA give us your thoughts on the store!