How to Keep Your Children Busy Over the Holidays

   As a child, I loved my two week holiday break! I mean..NO school!!  My sisters, brother, and I hung out, baked cookies with my mom, played all sorts of games, as well as played in the snow. I have only the best memories of those wonderful times.  These days, children become bored very easily and the choices for things to do can create some anxiousness in parents. While I believe children being bored is ok, (because from there can come creativity in things to do), here are some ideas to help spur some fun times over the holidays.

   It is a good idea to sit down a few weeks before and talk to your kids about some plans they would like to do.  Let them come up with some ideas with you and use this list to encourage some thought.  For some children, knowing they have plans over the break will keep them more settled as they look forward to the next day's activities.   

 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy:

1. Games-whether that is board games or creating outdoor games where they make a relay race with their bikes, etc. 

2. Forts-what kid doesn't like to build a fort? 

3. Donate time-children should donate their time or have a canned food stand outside; anything for someone less fortunate.  Always teach your children to do good deeds for someone else. Google "how can I donate my time this holiday" and there are a lot of options.

4. Library-there are movies, magazines, and things to do at your local library

5. Have a sleepover with a movie and popcorn! 

6. Have your children pick a career (research it on the computer) and then either act it out, dress up like it and present it to the family.

7. Cook & bake! Why not take some time and teach the kids how to bake or cook something delicious? Maybe even have a cooking contest between children? (You may get a meal or dessert out of it!)

8. Camp! Indoors, outside, or go camp!

9. Have a picnic at a park..pack up a meal, a blanket, and just head to a park!

10. Create a treasure hunt...hide coins, objects, etc. around the house with hints.

11. Dance party! Kids need to be physically active-why not crank up the tunes and start dancing?

12. Make a band-have each child find something in the house they can play music with and have them create a song!

13. Be a director-have them make a movie!! Explain scenes, acts, who are the actresses, actors, scripts...

13. Set up play dates...even if your children are older it's important they see their friends, get outside to play with children their own age, and not stay cooped up with video games.

14. Color! Sounds simple, but coloring has taken on new levels! You can color on windows now! 

15. Good ol' Pinterest...countless ideas for crafts and things to do.

16. Jax Homes Newsletter-why? Every month there are multiple things with links of things happening around our city from sports to plays, to everything to do in Jax.


Don't forget, it's OK of for them to have that "down time" and be bored. No one said a child has to be constantly  entertained 24/7.  Enjoy this time with your children!!