The two words "relax" and "holiday" are an a society we have put extreme pressure on ourselves to create a "Pinterest-Perfect" Thanksgiving dinner that is amazing beyond measure.  

It's almost a shame that some of us watch all of the home shows and want to emulate the hand-made decorations and 100% made-from-scratch meals only to feel stressed and defeated when it doesn't turn out well. (WHO has the time for all of that??) Thanksgiving is supposed to be about being THANKFUL and enjoying time with how can you relax instead of dreading this holiday? 

   Delegate. There I said it. Delegate to others the errands, chores, even bringing items like a part of the meal to your holiday event to save you tons of time and hassle. People want to help! (If they don't do you really want them at your home? ;))  First make a list of everything you would like to have at your meal and then grab a highlighter for the must-haves. Let's face it, home made paper turkeys at everyone's place setting is not a must. Next, ask those people who are coming to eat at your house to help you out! Have each person bring a piece of the meal! Why not? Then everyone can bring their best with one dish or dessert and everyone wins.  

  Worried about decor? Put those wonderful children of yours to work!!!  Ask your guests' children as well to come up with a centerpiece or place setting! Everyone loves a child's craft and they will love being included (and it gives them something to DO)!! Here are some cute ideas for children if they need some ideas.

If you don't have help from children here are some easy ideas if you want some decor on your table. Simply placing some colorful vegetables like gourds, pumpkins, etc., will work too!! 

For me having teenagers in the house, I worry about having a clean home when people arrive. It's a never ending daunting task so about a week or so prior to Thanksgiving I try to clean 2-3 places or "things" a day. Another (better) option is to hire a cleaning service for a total clean.  There are so many companies to choose from. I am sure if you put a post on Facebook asking for recommendations you would be handed plenty of references. can be something your children help you with to get the job done.

Let's remember that Thanksgiving, as well as the entire holiday season is all about being surrounded by family and friends and...being thankful. If you get wrapped up in the look of Thanksgiving you may as well not celebrate at all. This is the time to be with family and friends and enjoy a great meal made (or bought!) with love so enjoy the day to celebrate with the ones you love!