Let's face it, we are ALL busy and frankly, one of the last things some of us feel like doing if we find some time is ...exercise.

We also all know how good working out is for us but life hits us and we tend to make up excuses at one time or another (some of us always) on why we aren't making it a priority. But we have to face facts that exercise helps us in SO many ways.

 It boosts our metabolisms, we feel better overall, it helps to ward off health issues, and puts us in better moods so we sleep better!!!

This blog is not meant to lay the proverbial guilt trip, but to just lay out some simple things you can do to get some exercise in.  With our weather as beautiful as it is, we really should take advantage of it before the heat of summer comes, and there are exercises you can do that do not require you to be outside!

So, what can you do that is EASY and FAST?

1. You want easy? Ok then, wake up in the morning and STRETCH. Stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, mid-section, legs! Top to bottom get those body parts moving and throw in a few ab crunches! Squeeze your gluteus maximus too! Rise and shine to you!

2. Most of us are sedentary during the day, but there are things you can do at your desk to work out! Yep, more butt squeezes! Go ahead, squeeze it while you are sitting in your chair, or you can do one "cheek" at a time...but just DO IT! Your butt will be so sore and hey, who doesn't want a firmer rear?? Keep some small weights in your desk so you can hold one easily and PUMP! Talk on the phone with one hand, and lift with the other, then switch! One of my favorite easy exercises is at-your-seat calf raises. Sit with both legs at the 90 degree angle and lift off the backs of your feet to work those calves. 

3. Eventually you will get up from your desk, so ...take the longer route when you walk...even if it is to the bathroom. When you go to lunch, take the stairs. Park your car a little further away too, all of this helps!

4. You get home and are exhausted, but your pet is staring at you. Just make the decision to throw on your running or walking shoes before sitting down and get out there for a brisk 15 minute walk! I don't know about you, but once I get home and sit-it's all over. So try to leave your shoes at the door with the leash, and be ready so you can't walk into your home and not want to leave.

5. Maybe it's raining or cold outside and you are home. What better way to knock out two birds with one stone than to clean your home and exercise. MUSIC is key here so you feel like grooving to the beat! 

6. The TV, the box that pulls us all in to do NOTHING....wrong! You can easily do more butt squeezes, calf raises, even sit on the floor and do leg lifts or crunches!  Why not? You can get the best of both, watching tv and getting a small workout in. If you are able to of course afford a treadmill or stationary bike, that is a great time to get fit while watching the tube.

7. Ideally our family and friends keep us accountable, so if you can get with a friend who will make you feel awful if you don't work out with them. We all need to be held accountable and if you have a friend who is ready to exercise, you will be more likely to do it too.


ANYthing you do to increase movement is going to benefit you so just make the decision to get out there and do something!

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