Help! I am selling my home and I am tired of NO SHOWS! Why does this happen? Why do I get an appointment for a showing at one time and they show up late or even worse-early!?

We know how stressful selling your home can be. You are trying to keep your house immaculate and maintain life at the same time.

So when you hear someone wants to see your home, you get excited! You race home, put last night's dinner dishes away, toss the toys under the sofa, run a quick vacuum, grab the kids and pets, and get out!

So, you come back buyer has come. GRR! I cleaned for NOTHING?!?! 

The next day you hear about another showing! It's for 5pm so again, the race starts. You time it out to the minute and just as you check your watch and see you have 15 more minutes to pull off a hear the doorbell. OH MY GOSH NOOOO!! Why are they here already?!?

Worse yet, you are meticulous about getting out by 5pm, you come back after the hour window, you see no one came. You curse a few choice words, everyone unpacks their bags, you get dinner started, way, the doorbell rings.

So, why does this happen? Are there just really rude real estate agents out there? Is it just my bad luck?


No, you are not alone at all, but we'd like to explain why these things happen and show you how you can help reduce the chances of it happening.

First off, for us, this is the last thing we want to happen when showing buyers around.

As you can imagine when a buyer wants to see homes, it takes a lot of planning to map it all out. We try to schedule in generous increments to allow for buyers who run late, who want to see one home for longer, or who walk into a home and decide in one minute they don't like it. There are so many factors that can play into a day of showing homes.

There can be traffic as well, and ...a buyer can decide at any moment to skip a house on the "tour" or add more! 

That being said, knowing there are so many variables in the timing of showings with buyers, HOW can I lessen the chance of this happening to me the seller?

The things that occur during a day of showings cannot be helped, however you, as a seller, can ask your real estate agent to give you some help.

Ask your agent to allow you to access to ShowingTime. This is an app most real estate agents use where buyers' agents can schedule showing appointments. We encourage our sellers to be updated the moment we are. You as a seller can approve or deny the showing. If you approve the showing yourself you don't have to wait for your agent to let you know a showing has been requested, saving you some time. Your agent may be busy at the time so you get up-to-the-minute notifications.

That is just one way to get some help on showings.

There are other ways to really narrow down WHO comes to see YOUR home.

1. A video tour. Yes it costs more than photos alone, but wow what a difference when a buyer can see a "movie" about your home.  This can then be put on your listing, on YouTube, your agent's website...anywhere! 

2. A virtual tour is another way to reduce the flow of buyers.  A virtual tour is like a 360 degree photo so a buyer can actually "walk" your home instead of relying on photos alone. 

3. Have your agent list the measurements of the rooms in your home. This also will help buyers get a better feel of how your space is in your home. 

4. Ask your agent to have all potential buyers' include a prequalification letter BEFORE a showing. This reduces what we call the "looky lous" and keeps the pool of buyers coming to see your home to those who can actually afford it.

Now, WHY are the above four ideas good....and...can they be a negative??

They can be positives if you really only want serious buyers. An informed buyer is a better buyer that comes to your home armed with information and still comes to see your home so you know they are more serious. This reduces useless showings and your life is a little less stressful.

Now that being said, what can be bad about doing those things to attract serious buyers?

Well, you could be losing a pool of buyers you may have had otherwise by not keeping your listing ..."general". Sometimes there are buyers who would not have looked at your home, but upon seeing your home changed their mind and now want your home. 

So, a buyer who did not know the sizes of the rooms, the true layout of the home, or perhaps wasn't originally in the market for that price may be.  All because they came to see it in person. 


We hope this helps you if you are a seller or perhaps even a buyer! Please call us anytime-we believe in education for our sellers and buyers!