Is Fall a Good Time to Buy or Sell??



The leaves are falling and fall sports and schedules are now in full swing. We have all heard real estate transactions in spring are the best, maybe even summer, so should you wait or is the autumn a good time?

Ohhhh, you wanted a yes or no answer. Well, no one can give you that due to the many factors that go INTO real estate. Point being, people are looking to buy and sell of the year. So a better question would be "What can I do now that I want to buy or sell in the fall?"

Probably the best reason TO buy or sell in the fall is the competition is lower. The other great reason to buy or sell are the interest rates. We have been told they will go up next year so this really is a great time to buy or sell. Now, let's give you some advice whether you are selling or buying in the fall season.

The following tips certainly are not for JUST the fall season-they can and should be implemented no matter what the day. 

You need to find a Realtor who is very knowledgeable about the market at the moment. You may see ads for agents who can promise you the world, but if they do not have a solid base of the trends in the market, you best move on.

So, first things first. Get an evaluation of what your home is worth. Next, take a hard look at your home. What needs to be fixed, cleaned, and...(we all hate the word..) inspected.

Why is a pre-inspection important? Think about this, you are the buyer and you walk into a home and you really love's almost too good to be true. Then you think, I bet XYZ is wrong with it! But before your cynical mind can go any further, the listing agent hands you a pre-listing inspection. This is an inspection paid for by the seller that lists any and all defects in the home. From there you may see the issue and that it has been fixed, or not. That becomes a piece for negotiation if you decide to proceed. We like to call it a great "insurance" policy in that you already know what you are in for if you love the home and want to live in it!

What's next? Well, when I mentioned cleaning, I meant the interior as well as the dreaded EXterior. For some of you that may mean cleaning up the fallen leaves, the gutters, and for others it may mean weeding and touch-up painting! Regardless of what needs to be done....DO IT!  The interior will not be your buyers' first impression, it's the drive up to your home that will wow them!

Speaking of the exterior, it IS fall, so why not add some of those gorgeous fall colors with plants! Why not add some Halloween and/or Thanksgiving decor as well? Keep it simple and classic (and do I need to mention no morbid Halloween decorations?) My personal piece of "decor" isn't one you see.  Get some scented candles. The smell of a home makes a big impact on buyers!!!


Now, you are ready to sell or buy a home! If you want someone who has your back, knows the market, and is always looking out for you, call us at at 904-477-7556.


Happy Fall!