Earth Day..what is it and what can I do?

Earth Day may mean different things to different people. Most children learn about Earth Day at school and may even do some activities surrounding the holiday. So what is it, when did it begin, and how can I help?

Learn more about what Earth Day is and how you can be a part of it!

When Did it Start? 

It began as you can guess on....April 22nd in 1970. A Wisconsin Senator by the name of Gaylord Nelson. He could not believe a day wasn't dedicated to something so important; the environment. That day about 20 million people nation wide attended the festivities. In 1990, the national coordinator for Earth Day Denis Hayes, took Earth Day international. He organized events in 141 nations!

Is Earth Day the Same Every Year?

The basis for Earth Day is to raise awareness about the environment. Each year there is a different theme. This year the theme is to raise awareness of plastic pollution. 

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to get involved whether it's on an individual or group level like an organization. Click here to see how you can be involved.

Sign a petition, donate, or help a school become more environmentally aware too!

Happy Earth Day! We all hope we can teach others how to save our environment by our daily actions!