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Feb. 2, 2018

The Roof! The Roof! How Long is the Life Of My Roof!??

Over the years I have heard so many different answers to the age old question of "How long will my roof last?" Is it ten years, twenty, thirty or possibly more?"

Find out the facts on roofs once and for all. 

 No roof is universal. There are so many ...

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Jan. 3, 2018

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Home's Value

How can I improve the value of my home? 

Whether or not you are planning to move, keeping the value of your home increasing instead of decreasing is on the minds of every home owner. There are so many ways to improve your home's value but what are ...

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June 23, 2017

Air Conditioner Tips!

Here's some information on how to keep your AC running at its best!  

Making it through the summer without a working air conditioning system isn't feasible in some parts of the country. Even if you live in a temperate climate, your AC system will make you and ...

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March 5, 2017

Time to Create Curb Appeal!

How Can I Make My Home Look Even Better?

Spring has sprung!  The flowers are starting to bloom and so are the dreaded weeds, chipped paint, and looking at empty flower beds. Here are some great ways to make your home have a much needed pick-me-up for spring.

One of ...

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Nov. 3, 2016

What to Do for Your Yearly Home Inspection

What to Do for Your Yearly Home Inspection

We all know the intelligent thing to do before you buy a home is get a professional home inspection. The relief we feel from a trained professional advising us of possible issues so we are prepared to either negotiate further, walk away ...

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